Sanitizer Sprinkler Machine

  • Machine walk through enclosure is designed for personal decontamination, one person at a time.
  • This system is equipped with sanitizer. The decontamination is started with the help of sensor and the preventing the whole human body from the virus.
  • Entering inside the machine, Electrically operated pumps created a disinfectant mist of sanitizer for disinfecting the human body.
  • The system consists of roof and bottom storage compartment with total of 15 Ltr capacity. Approximately, up to 150 personnel can be disinfected until the compartment refill is required.
  • The mist spray is calibrated for an operation of up to 3 seconds and stopes automatically indicating completion of operation with the help of timing display.
  • The system comprised of side glass panels for monitoring purpose and it comes with lights installed for illumination during night time operations.
  • As per safety process, personnel will need to keep there eyes closed while the process is running on inside the machine.
  • The machine can be used at the military facilities, Malls, Hospitals, Full and Semi Government office Building, Schools, Railway Platform, Society and other facilities.
  • Fully Automatic "BODY SANITIZER SPRINKLER MACHINE" has been designed and manufactured by Shreeji Engineering